First League Season Fun and Camradarie

Molly’s Hatchet’s first league season was a resounding success

When you start a new business, there are many irons in the fire. There is so much to coordinate, learn, fix, stress over, bicker and laugh about that you hardly know when you’re coming or going. Nothing exemplified the new venture experience more than our first league season. We called it a Micro League since it was an abbreviated length of time compared to an official WATL league season (5 weeks instead of 8). We opened it up for FREE to all our customers so that we could learn together, and learn we did! Now here we are just a few days from our final date with playoffs for the awesome Barbarian Axe grand prize.

We have ironed out the official rules, we have learned our strengths and weaknesses as both humans and Vikings and it is no mistake to say that it was an awesome experience for us all. We laughed, we argued and most importantly, we threw axes together and became friends. Our hope is that each of our participants joins us in July as we start the officially sanctioned WATL summer league and get in the running for the World Championship on ESPN and its $5,000 grand prize. Below is our official double elimination bracket for our playoffs on Sunday. We will have important announcements to make about Summer League as we have finalized our official house rules and clarified any confusion with the WATL League Rules.

The playoffs will be a double elimination, which means you have to lose twice to be out of the playoffs. Some important terms:

  • A match is a set of ten throws
  • A series is a set of three matches, with the best of 2 matches advancing and or winning.  This is only used during tournaments.
  • A lane is a set of two targets used for competition
  • target is a set of wood with the target circles drawn on it and assigned to a single thrower
  • Sudden Death throws are used in the case of a tie, where after the tenth throw, the points are identical creating a tie.  Sudden death uses the point value of the 10th throw. The point value does not contribute to the match scores

Double elimination means that each person has to lose twice.  After losing the first game, players drop into the underdog bracket for final placement. Additionally, the winner of the underdog bracket goes to the final round with the winner. The final Championship round is between the winner of the W bracket and the winner of the U bracket consisting of best of 3 matches. Allowing for one practice throw between each match. The W winner must lose twice in order for the U winner to win the Championship. This means that if the U winner, beats the W winner in a best of 3 matches, they must play another best of 3 matches in order for the U winner to win the Championship.

Here are the Brackets for Sunday’s playoff starting at 2pm :

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