The Hundred Hatchets Club

$49.99 on the 1st of each month for 6 months

Become a member and get unlimited axe throwing for one low price!

First payment prorated. Next payment: July 1, 2020



Want unlimited axe-throwing at Molly’s Hatchet for one low price? Join The Hundred Hatchets Club and throw to your heart’s content. The first 25 customers to join get $50 off the regular price, that’s just $99.99/month! Your membership allows you to come in to Molly’s Hatchet on Thursdays or Sundays and throw for as long as you like (subject to lane availability and our business hours, of course). You also will receive 15% off any purchases of food, swag or axe throwing on non-member days during the rest of the weekend.

Why pay full price when you can be part of this exclusive club? Give yourself an edge over your friends with as your skills increase and you become an ace axe aimer!

Remember the first 25 who join get the special reduced rate of only $99.99/month.

They say that to become an expert, you have to do something at least 1,000 times. The Hundred Hatchets Club is the best way for you become an axe-pert thrower for the lowest price. Amaze your friends! Impress your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend! Be ready for the next Viking invasion or zombie apocalypse!

Join today!

** Membership bills on the 1st of each month. First month membership payment is prorated for the remaining days in the current month.


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