There’s Nothing More American Than Throwing an Axe

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Independence day is almost here and at Molly’s Hatchet we are celebrating the day with a special offer. On the Fourth the 4th throw free! So come on in with three of your friend and you’re axe-throwing experience is absolutely free. What’s that you say? What if you have more than 4 people in your group? No problem. If your group is more than 4, you get 25% off your session! Use promo code independence2019 when you make your reservation.

The Fourth of July is one of our favorite holidays. We believe that the sacrifices made by those who dedicate their lives to serving our country and preserving our freedom means something and this is the day we celebrate the freedom those sacrifices and that dedication created. So join us on July 4th and hurl some hatchets before heading out to watch the fireworks. We promise you’ll have a blast!

First League Season Fun and Camradarie

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Molly’s Hatchet’s first league season was a resounding success

When you start a new business, there are many irons in the fire. There is so much to coordinate, learn, fix, stress over, bicker and laugh about that you hardly know when you’re coming or going. Nothing exemplified the new venture experience more than our first league season. We called it a Micro League since it was an abbreviated length of time compared to an official WATL league season (5 weeks instead of 8). We opened it up for FREE to all our customers so that we could learn together, and learn we did! Now here we are just a few days from our final date with playoffs for the awesome Barbarian Axe grand prize.

We have ironed out the official rules, we have learned our strengths and weaknesses as both humans and Vikings and it is no mistake to say that it was an awesome experience for us all. We laughed, we argued and most importantly, we threw axes together and became friends. Our hope is that each of our participants joins us in July as we start the officially sanctioned WATL summer league and get in the running for the World Championship on ESPN and its $5,000 grand prize. Below is our official double elimination bracket for our playoffs on Sunday. We will have important announcements to make about Summer League as we have finalized our official house rules and clarified any confusion with the WATL League Rules.

The playoffs will be a double elimination, which means you have to lose twice to be out of the playoffs. Some important terms:

  • A match is a set of ten throws
  • A series is a set of three matches, with the best of 2 matches advancing and or winning.  This is only used during tournaments.
  • A lane is a set of two targets used for competition
  • target is a set of wood with the target circles drawn on it and assigned to a single thrower
  • Sudden Death throws are used in the case of a tie, where after the tenth throw, the points are identical creating a tie.  Sudden death uses the point value of the 10th throw. The point value does not contribute to the match scores

Double elimination means that each person has to lose twice.  After losing the first game, players drop into the underdog bracket for final placement. Additionally, the winner of the underdog bracket goes to the final round with the winner. The final Championship round is between the winner of the W bracket and the winner of the U bracket consisting of best of 3 matches. Allowing for one practice throw between each match. The W winner must lose twice in order for the U winner to win the Championship. This means that if the U winner, beats the W winner in a best of 3 matches, they must play another best of 3 matches in order for the U winner to win the Championship.

Here are the Brackets for Sunday’s playoff starting at 2pm :

Let Dad Be a Pain in the Axe

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Father’s Day is almost here and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate Dad than with a BOGO special offer just for him! So come on over to Molly’s Hatchet this Sunday, June 16 from noon-6pm and let Dad throw axes on Father’s Day for free. Just think of all the sacrifices your dad had made over the years. Think of all the fun things he wasn’t able to do so that you could go to dance lessons, baseball league or just all those times he gave you $20 so you could hang out with your friends for the evening. This is your chance to give him an adventure of his own!

Your reservation will include a 60 or 90 minute session with a personal coach who will orient you, teach you to throw axes and lead you through some fun games requiring ever-increasing skill. By the end, you’ll be an axe-pert hatchet hurler and your Father’s Day group will have had an unforgettably fun experience. Make your reservation today and use promo code dad2019 for your Father’s Day BOGO discount. (Please note that the Father’s Day BOGO reservation must be made for 2 people in order for the promo code to work. If your group contains more than two people, a separate reservation will be required for the rest of the group.)

Axe Your Mom out for Mother’s Day

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Everyone knows that moms rule. The challenge is demonstrating how much she means to you. What better way to show your love than to take her on a unique adventure? Let the lesser children and husbands take their mom to a thrift store and Sunday brunch while you rake in the matronly glory bestowed only on the very best progeny and partners.

At Molly’s Hatchet, we guarantee your status as “mom’s favorite” with our special Mother’s Day offer. On May 12 only, you can bring your mom on an axe throwing experience for FREE! You read that right, our BOGO sale is the perfect opportunity for you to shine without breaking the bank.

Use promo code mom2019 when you make your reservation and the discount will automatically be applied. And if you must, you can still go to a thrift store and brunch. With all the money you saved throwing axes, you can probably buy her that porcelain rooster you’ve had your eye one. We won’t judge, and neither will she!

Grand Openings are a Pain in the Axe

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We couldn’t be more excited to see things coming together for the Grand Opening of Molly’s Hatchet on April 27. What a process! From permits to progress inspections, every step seems to open a Pandora’s box of new projects and problems. In less that two weeks, our doors will open and one way or another we will be ready to host you, our honored guests, for the first day of many of throwing axes and nailing targets. Our “i’s” are being dotted and our “t’s” are getting crossed and what once felt overwhelming now only feels slightly panic-inducing.

Here’s what we know for sure: we love people and having an awesome time with our friends. Molly’s Hatchet is a dream become reality for us to create joy. We are literally beside ourselves with anticipation. We can’t wait to hear the laughter, join the conversations and watch our community come together with this exciting new experience. From the first moment we threw an axe, we knew that this was the thing. The Thing. The very thing that we wanted to dive into, bring to life and bring to you. The more adulting we do, it seems like there are fewer and fewer opportunities for guilt-free fun. Pure fun.

Molly’s Hatchet is that fun. Pure joy. Guilt and gluten free. That’s our dream. That’s our thing. And it’s only a little over a week away. Make your reservations now. We expect a full house and slots are going to fill up quickly as we get closer to the 27th. Don’t end up regretting having waited too long and missing out on all the fun. We can’t wait to meet you!

Axe Throwing May Be the Perfect First Date

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It’s a test of nerve. Of accuracy. And of guile. And, apparently, hurling a sharpened axe around is now in vogue as a first date.

It turns out it’s quite a thrill to throw an axe. It feels a bit naughty. A bit dangerous. You have to enter a cage, and the wooden target – which has numbered rings and a bullseye painted on, a bit like archery – is designed so the axe can penetrate it, lessening the danger. But the whole endeavor still seems to fly in the face of all accepted axe-handling wisdom.

Move Over Bowling

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Axe throwing as a sport isn’t new, and in fact might be one of the oldest in existence. What is new, however, is throwing axes in an urban environment, especially in the United States, where it’s just getting off the ground. In Canada and a few other spots in the world, urban axe throwing is booming and according to the National Axe Federation (NATF), participants have thrown nearly 20 million axes to date.

An old sport is new again and gaining in popularity – NBC News